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Custom Commercial Automation

Commercial setups often require a lot more creativity, ingenuity and flexibility than their residential counterparts. In part, this is because the systems that are being integrated are significantly more robust and/or complex. Beyond that, the system requirements in a commercial space are often much more unique than those of a residential space. We are often tasked to think outside of the box to come up with unique solutions that will help our business clients increase the efficiency of their business or to directly enhance the customer experience that they offer.

For our commercial clients, the technology deployed is often of secondary importance when compared to the creativity in which that technology is deployed. Our team’s strength lies in its ability to develop highly functional solutions that connect the knowledge of the technology available and the experience accrued in countless successful deployments. Schedule a time to speak with one of our experts and challenge us to improve your business!

Ottawa Automated Board & Conference Room Setup

Discerning and refined, our smart home clients are looking beyond connected devices all over the house. They appreciate the simplicity of automation, where equipment is all interconnected and settings are centralized. Beyond answering the technological needs of its clients, AuraDesign goes a step further, incorporating aesthetics into all their smart equipment installations, with special attention. One of our standard practices, for instance, is to conceal the connected speakers in our sound systems so that they blend in with the rest of a client’s decor and wall colour.

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Ottawa Smart Hotel/Bar/Restaurant & Smart Condos

The range of solutions available for the hospitality sector is virtually endless. The challenges and benefits to these industries fall within one of two categories: functionality and ambient experience.

From a functionality standpoint, automation systems of smart condos & smart hotels allow you to remotely control anything from lights, temperature, window treatments, audio, video, security and HVAC systems. The smart controls of condos & hotels allow you to program in accordance to your venue’s daily operations or change settings on the fly as required. When it’s time to close, don’t worry about whether or not your team has turned everything off – one button and it is all done automatically.

From enhancing the ambience and patron experience, our systems can provide the needed level of flexibility and AV performance to meet the demands of any venue. Control what is displayed on multiple screens, what music is being played in different rooms and the lighting to match the mood of the event. Whatever the requirement, the team at Aura Design can develop the right custom solution for you.

Fitness Centres

The ability to control individual spaces and sound/video sources is always of paramount importance when deploying integrated solutions at fitness centres. Our solutions allow different zones to be easily managed through a central interface; allowing for different sound levels and sources for the audio and video. We make it easy for instructors to patch into the system with their personal audio libraries to match the music to the class they are leading.

The smart controls of the lights, shades and temperature can help manage and minimize the energy and water consumption. At the end of the day, turn everything off with a single push of a button. At the beginning of the day, get the centre up and running again with another push of a button.

Health/Dental Centres

Keeping your patients engaged, distracted and informed are the top requirements within Health and Dental Centres. Waiting areas often provide ambient music and TV programming that keeps their patients engaged while waiting. They integrate customized promotional programming into the feeds in order to inform patients of services that may be of interest. In clinical areas, personal screens are often used to keep patients distracted with light programming. When diagnostic discussions take place, the screens display relevant patient information and pictures to facilitate the dialogue that is taking place. Have one of our Custom Solution Experts help you integrate technology into your practice to improve your patients’ experience.

Presentation Systems

Nothing diminishes the impact or effectiveness of a message than a poor delivery system. Auditoriums, classrooms and conference rooms rely on the successful integration and dialogue between differing technologies to allow for successful presentations. Obviously, the audio/visual capabilities must meet the demands of the space. Behind that, it’s important that the projectors, computer display modes and microphones feed the appropriate inputs to the speakers and screens. The wireless network capabilities should allow for different audiences to access different networks. And finally, the lighting control needs to be intuitive and flexible to meet the different requirements of individual presentations or performances.

Improve Business Efficiency & Customer Experience

Let the technology work for you. Coordinate and simplify the way in which you manage the different systems in your business. Reap the benefits through improved efficiency and customer experience. Bring smart control to your place of work.

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