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Audio System For Homes And Businesses

It gives soul to the universe and allows us to stretch the wings of our imagination. It’s also the language that brings us together. You guessed it: we’re talking about music.

Whether it’s within the cozy comfort of a date night at home, or in a bubble bath, a quality, professionally installed audio system can enhance any moment. If you’re a music lover, AuraDesign has the solution for you!

AuraDesign offers you the possibility to select your ambiences for living or working. All you need is a setting to prolong your favourites.

We can also bring our expertise to business’ sensorial marketing strategies by installing an effective audio system that enhances their clientele’s well-being and makes they naturally more enclined to come back for more.

For Homes

For our residential clients, AuraDesign offers the means to experience unforgettable musical moments. Imagine being surrounded by music wherever you are in your house, without having to move your equipment. Today, it’s possible, and we’ve mastered the art of installing state-of-the-art mutli-room systems and creating a quality musical ambience throughout your smart home.

This section is for those men and women who care about the quality of sound in their enviroment as well as the aesthetics of the equipment. We present here the reasons why several hundreds of people have entrusted us with creating or improving their home sound systems. Whether you’re a hardcore music fan or simply someone who wants to add some music when hosting get-togethers, AuraDesign will find the right solution.

How Much Does A Multi-Room Sound System Cost?

As audiophiles who can’t imagine life without music will tell you, the investment (financial as well as in terms of time spent researching) you make is proportional to the sound quality you get. By entrusting your audio system installation to AuraDesign, you’ll benefit from more than 15 years of experience. In addition to owning an exceptional quality audio system, you’ll enjoy service that’s customized to your needs, and assistance from passionate consultants that can answer all your questions before, during and after installation. We value aesthetics in all that we do, so we also work with industry-recognized designers.

audio system

How Long Before I'll Have To Change My Audio System?

To be honest, this depends on your expectations. We offer only the best products on the market that are ahead of their time, and that can fit into your home for many years. Nonetheless, for those who want to have the latest and greatest, we make it extremely easy to change the elements of your audio system.

Is It Difficult To Use?

The answer is no. AuraDesign seeks to simplify the lives of its clients, so it is critical that all our systems are user-friendly. The control system is accessible from your phone or any other smart device. If you’re not convinced, we invite you to come visit one of our locations. You’ll be able to test our systems and the smart home experience for yourself.

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For Businesses

Business people and managers have known for a while that appropriate music selections has a positive impact on the general atmosphere and ambience in a store or commercial space. This is known as sensorial marketing, a marketing technique that touches upon a consumers’ multiple senses. A client that feels good is a client that buys.

Whether you manage a boutique, hotel, bar, restaurant, a gym or shopping centre, our team at AuraDesign can offer a high-quality audio system customized to your needs, whether it’s for playing music or broadcasting pre-recorded or live messages. Commercial audio systems are invaluable for creating an atmosphere conducive to buying. You can also create audio experiences in multiple zones or spaces.

How Can Investing In An Audio System Be Profitable?

An audio system will allow you to quickly increase the well-being of your clients and thus influence them favourably to make purchases while building customer loyalty. A robust audio system is an undisputable sensorial marketing tool. Carefully selected music that matches the tastes of your clients can increase traffic, loyalty and, in the process, sales.

How Long Is The Installation Process? I Don't Want To Inconvenience My Clients.

Our primary objective is the comfort of your clients, so we work outside of your business hours. Our efficiency and discretion are much appreciated by all our clients.

Will I Need To Take Time To Learn How To Use My Audio System?

Your audio system will be very easy to use, so you won’t lose any time learning. Depending on your needs, you can control it through your phone, any smart device or a local console, thereby efficiently and easily managing the broadcast of music or messages. Your employees will also be able to use it with ease. We’re here to simplify your life, not complicate it.

Why After Testing, Will You Not Be Able To Resist?

You’ll be able to control your music wherever you are. You’ll no longer have to reach under a counter to change songs, nor train each employee on how to use the music player. In addition, the sound quality that your clients will enjoy just might be one of the reasons they keep coming back.

Auradesign: You Won't Regret Trusting Us

For more than 15 years, your company expert in automation, AuraDesign, has been simplifying and improving the lives of thousands of men, women and children. Making your valued spaces “intelligent” has quickly become our priority. By entrusting us with your audio system, you can be sure the results will exceed your expectations. What are you waiting for?

If you want to, AuraDesign will be happy to fit your audio system into a larger residential or commercial automation project.

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