About AuraDesign Locations

AuraDesign, the expert automation company, invites you to its location in Orleans. A testament to both our expertise in automation and design, and to our customer service commitment. You’ll easily see the passion and drive that leaves all our clients satisfied.

Our location features a showroom blending technology and aesthetic decor. Welcomed by a competent and passionate team of professionals, you’ll be guided according to your needs and get to know each of our intelligent systems. Whether it’s to install one of our home theatres or to rediscover music through our intelligent audio systems, this is the opportunity to live the automation experience.

These showrooms are also the “eyes and ears” of AuraDesign. Their role is, among others, to compile the impressions and feedback from clients in order to continually enhance our services, develop new ideas and to learn more about our clients’ needs and how to meet them.

Thanks to its operating method, AuraDesign has quickly grown into an industry leader in automation.

Our Showroom

It’s our showroom—where we receive our clients and designers by appointment only, and where we can best showcase our expertise. Created in 2018, the space’s size allows us to present a number of separate smart rooms. You’ll find, for instance:

A home theatre example

A demonstration on the effectiveness of multi-room audio systems

A smart conference room

Our different programmable ambiences

Many other automation systems that won’t fail to amaze you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great Company

The employees know their technology! Amazing that some have been working there over 10 years. If you need custom install of tv or technologies like security cameras or hidden sound they are the place to go.

John Doe

Did You Find What You Were Looking For?

Our staff members are here for you. Whether it's picking out the best TV for your lifestyle or walking you through all the possibilities for a custom project we want to make sure you get the best experience possible. You can take a quick look at some photos of the showroom or come in and see it for yourself to get the full experience.