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Arcam P349 Three Channel Power Amplifier

Arcam P349 3 Channel Power Amplifier
This is the 3 Channel Version or Arcams Excellent P49 Stereo Power
Amplifier, use this partnered with the P49 and AV950 to create the
ultimate surround sound system.
Continuous power output (20Hz—20kHz at 0.2% THD), per channel
Three channels, 8, 20Hz—20kHz 180W
Two channels, 8, 20Hz—20kHz 200W
Single channel, 8, at 1kHz 220W
Single channel, 4, at 1kHz 400W
Harmonic distortion, 80% power, 8? at 1kHz 0.001%
PWR IN input: RCA type XLR type
Nominal sensitivity for 200W / 8? 1.15V 2.3V
Input impedance 10k 10k
Frequency response 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.05dB
Signal/noise ratio (Awtd) ref 50W / 8? 110dB
Mains voltage 110–120V~ or 220–240V~
Power consumption (maximum) 1kW


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