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Aura Design Home Automation Solutions Audio Video Experts

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Aura Design Home Automation Solutions Audio Video Experts

Home Automation For Your Comfort And Peace Of Mind

A high-end system and a status symbol, automation is becoming a staple in modern homes and offices. Whether it’s for individuals (residential automation) or businesses (commercial automation), its many advantages make automation the logical new way to inhabit our spaces.

Smart Homes: Step Into The Future

Luxurious status symbols, smart homes are slowly becoming the norm in modern apartments.
Smart homes feature technologies that make a house “smart” or “connected”. Systems and sub-systems (heating, doors, lighting, ec.) are all centrally controlled, and the home’s residents can customize settings according to their preferences and needs.

Aura Design Home Automation Solutions Audio Video Experts

A Smart And Connected House Thanks To Automation

In the most sophisticated smart homes, it’s all about simplifying and enhancing the lives of residents. Depending on your preferences, automation provides you all the personalized comfort you could want. For example, lights can be brighter or dimmer according to the ambience you want to create, favourite tunes can play on command, and can even follow you around the house.

Be Delighted By The Benefits Of Different Commercial Automation Services

Owners of commercial establishments will be delighted by the benefits of different commercial automation services, including simplifying space management, improving the comfort of clients and employees and even pocketing energy savings.

Much like residential automation, with commercial automation the different systems and sub-systems of your building (temperature, security system, sound system, etc.) are centralized, and those who control these systems can, from a distance, determine the settings that are right for them.

Aura Design now offers
MOON by Simaudio!

MOON products are made in Canada, offer a 10 year warranty, have a 2 year flexible trade up program and have won over 400 awards by the most recognized audio magazines in the world!
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